BREAKING NEWS: John Nikolic who was sentenced to 23 years’ jail for importing cocaine has committed suicide

Former Australian horse trainer John Nikolic who was found guilty for importing cocaine into the country is reported dead.

Police told the media that he committed suicide.

Mr John Nikolic attempted to take his life during his arrest.

Mr John Nikolic was on Friday handed down a sentence of 23 years imprisonment with no parole for 18 years by Justice Daniel Goundar.

While prosecutors called for a sentence of at least 20 years as a deterrent, Mr Nikolic’s lawyers said he had tested positive for a gene that causes the degenerative Huntington’s disease and was at risk of developing it years to come.

In a letter found at the cell of John Nikolic says “one way or the other I will surely die and besides am suffering from a sickness I don’t know if i will stay on this earth for long, to end all this suffering am choosing to end my life, because I cant stand this humiliation – he stated.

He and wife Yvette were arrested after Fijian authorities discovered more than $20 million worth of drugs, along with two guns, on their vessel.

Mr Nikolic was in 2015 banned from racing for nine months for doping a horse.