BREAKING NEWS: Millionaire gives half of his wealth to his girlfriend who fought him to miss his flight

A Togolese millionaire, Robert Kouffie, who was interviewed this morning on State TV said he missed  the Ethiopian Airlines flight which crashed last Sunday due to a fight he had with his girlfriend.

Robert Kouffie and girlfriend

“I’m giving her half of my wealth, I’m alive because of her”, the millionaire said.

According to Kouffie, it was unusual to see the girlfriend fighting her and he now understands that it was “God’s plan”.

Kouffie added that he will invite the media to cover when dashing half of his wealth including the 100s of stores in Lome to the lucky girl who he called “a saviour”.

None of the 157 people on board survived the crash en route to Nairobi from Addis Ababa last sunday morning with the Ethiopian Airline.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-8 MAX carrying 149 passengers and eight crew members, took off from Addis Ababa at 08.38am (05:38 GMT) and lost contact with air traffic controllers six minutes later.

It crashed near Bishoftu, southeast of the Ethiopian capital, the airline said in a statement.